11 October 2021

Over the course of the last year, NBS has been delivering a wide range of webinars for both construction product manufacturers and specifiers. As part of that offering, we’re also running a series of marketing masterclasses designed specifically with manufacturers in mind. 

Check out the webinars below to learn more about any of these areas of marketing, and visit our Events page to register for our future marketing masterclasses. 

Life beyond cookies 

16 September 2021

Google has announced that it will be phasing out 3rd party cookies in 2023 - though many unknowns remain, this masterclass discusses how manufacturers can prepare for it. NBS Marketing Director Robin Cordy is joined by Ros Rowlatt and Liam Bateman from The Think Tank to cover what cookies are, why there is a problem with 3rd party cookies and what marketers can do to resolve the problem. 

Optimising your lead generation 

14 July 2021

Manufacturers need to continuously generate leads to secure opportunities and win deals. However, with a fluctuating marketplace and the rapid growth of digital marketing, manufacturers need to optimise their approach to lead generation to stay competitive.

In this masterclass, NBS Marketing Director Robin Cordy was joined by a panel of lead-gen experts to cover topics including the market landscape and where manufacturers should focus, how lead-gen should support the overall marketing and business plans and how to measure success.

How to win with social media

26 May 2021 

Social media is an essential component of marketing strategy for construction manufacturers, and done well can reap big rewards. However, it’s an area that is often misunderstood and requires a clear plan in order to achieve success and grow sales. In this episode of our marketing masterclasses for manufacturers series, 

Robin and the panel of marketing experts share addvice, practical tips and guidance from their experience of building and executing social media strategies. They covered how to plan, measure and produce engaging and relevant B2B content while also discussing trends, changes and updates that are new or coming up in the world of social media.

Advertising vs PR

25 March 2021

Traditionally, marketing campaigns included separate budgets for advertising and PR. While this approach suited a traditional media model, it is largely outdated when digital communications carry so much influence.

In this masterclass, Lee Jones Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS and Anna Hern Managing Director of Ridgemount discuss the differences between advertising and PR, and how the two disciplines should work together.


Raising brand awareness with CPD

24 February 2021

The UK entered 2021 in Lockdown 3.0. Remote and online CPD materials continue to be vital so that architects, specifiers and designers can continue their professional development. CPD therefore remains an opportunity for manufacturers to raise awareness of their brand and products with specifiers – even when they aren't working on construction projects. Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS, chairs a live panel of industry experts who share insights on creating and promoting CPD materials for your target audience.


Getting specified in 2021

28 January 2021

2020 was a year like no other, but what do construction product manufacturers need to do in 2021 to ensure that their products get specified? Robin Cordy, Marketing Director at NBS, is joined by a panel of experts sharing insights and practical tips on how construction product manufacturers can learn from the events in 2020, in order to continue digitising and responding to the changing needs of the industry.


2021 marketing strategy 

08 December 2020

For our last episode in the 'Marketing Masterclasses for Manufacturers' series of 2020, we covered what should be considered for '2021 marketing strategy'. Our panel of marketing experts discusses marketing plans for another year full of unknowns, such as what strategies and activities to consider, and learnings from 2020 that they’ll take into the new year.


The specification marketing cycle 

12 November 2020

Robin Cordy, Marketing Director at NBS, is joined by Andy Lambert from ContentCal to talk through the specification-marketing cycle for construction, and how manufacturers can create a strategy that helps them reach specifiers at all stages of the product selection process. They also discuss the tactics, insights and tools that can be employed to take a fully integrated digital marketing approach that ultimately helps manufacturers to get their products specified.  


Why CPD should be part of your marketing strategy 

29 September 2020

Robin Cordy, Marketing Director at NBS and Joni Tyler Head of RIBA CPD at RIBA discuss the range of benefits of providing CPD to specifiers – from increasing brand awareness and positioning your business as a team of experts to getting your products in front of your target audience. Andy Sivell, from Working Titles, who create CPD materials for manufacturers shares what he's learnt about creating content that turns attendees into leads.


Creating engaging CPD content 

13 August 2020

How can you get the most out of your CPD content? This panel discussion of marketing and industry experts provides insights and practical tips on how product manufacturers can elevate their CPD material in line with specifier demands, and how effective CPD content can support the wider marketing strategy, driving product enquiries.


Digital strategy essentials 

01 July 2020

The first in our ‘Marketing Masterclasses for Manufacturers’ series, this discussion focuses on the new marketing landscape, and why construction product manufacturers must adapt their marketing strategies to stay competitive. The panel of experts discusses different aspects of the digital marketing mix, and why an integrated digital marketing strategy is so important to achieve maximum exposure.