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How long is the construction timeline?

The length of a construction timeline varies from project to project, but what each project has in common is the stages in the process. From the initial brief to research, modelling, and specification and beyond, the timeline follows a structure set out by the RIBA Plan of Work.

What is enhanced product data?

NBS works with manufacturers who sign up to NBS Source to provide an additional level of data about their products, written to a standardised set of properties and values—this is being referred to as ‘enhanced data’. This data is what specifiers are looking for to drop into their specifications and enables powerful search functionality and easy product comparison, among other features.

Why is it important to provide specifiers with enhanced product data?

If the product data format is consistent, then decision-making is easier. Specifiers have a duty to ensure that they choose the right products. Too frequently, they found it harder than necessary to make an informed choice between products. Information presented varied between products and between manufacturers, meaning specifiers couldn’t easily tell if they were comparing similar products or not. This wastes valuable time and creates the risk of specifying the wrong product. Enhanced data solves that problem, making specification decisions straightforward with less risk.

What is NBS Chorus and how does it link to NBS Source?

NBS Chorus is the UK's no1 specification tool which is used by architects, designers, engineers and other specifiers to develop their project specifications. NBS Chorus helps them work quickly, with less risk and gives them all the content they need to write specs, including manufacturers’ product information. This manufacturer product information comes from NBS Source, and allows manufacturer products along with all the associated properties to be presented to them within Chorus whilst they're working on the project. NBS Source is also available here to be accessed at any time for product research and inspiration.

Is there somewhere I can view analytics for the subscription I have?

Yes, please log in to the Partner Platform, accessible here or at the top right of the website, then click 'NBS Intelligence' and you will be able to see how specifiers are interacting with your company and products.

I have forgotten my ‘My Account’ password

That's OK, if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it on the forgotten password page.

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