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Knowledge Case studies


We regularly host, attend or speak at events across the globe, see what is coming up near you. If you have any questions about NBS events, or are interested in speaking at one of our events, contact our events coordinator.

08 December 2020

As 2020 draws to an end, planning for 2021 is upon us, albeit a little later than usual with marketers having to be very reactive this year due to the ever-changing landscape. For our last 'Marketing Masterclass for Manufacturers' of the year, we wanted to cover your '2021 Marketing Strategy'.

The panel will cover how to plan for 2021, what strategies and activity to consider, and learnings from 2020 including what they'll bring into the new year. We will also be taking questions from the audience to make it a useful and informative session for all.

03 December 2020
Join us for our next live panel, chair Richard Waterhouse (Chief Strategy Officer, NBS) will be joined by industry experts Tina Pringle (Director of Technical Information, NBS), Paul Morrell (former Chief Construction Advisor to the UK Government) and Phil Bernstein (Associate Dean and Professor Adjunct, Yale School of Architecture) to discuss the need for cultural change in the construction industry. At the NBS Construction Leaders’ Summit in October, collaboration was a key theme throughout, and it was highlighted as a key enabler for cultural change to help the industry to thrive in the future.
24 November 2020

Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS, discusses the current changes impacting the specification writing process with a specific view on how these changes impact you as a manufacturer. From what you can do to keep up to date, to how you can improve collaboration with specifiers through innovative solutions such as NBS Chorus.

12 November 2020
Join Robin Cordy, Marketing Director at NBS and Andy Lambert, Director of Growth at ContentCal as they talk through the specification marketing cycle for construction, and how manufacturers can create a strategy that helps them reach specifiers at all stages of the product selection process.

They will discuss the tactics, insights and tools that can be employed to take a fully integrated digital marketing approach which ultimately helps manufacturers to get their products specified.
06 November 2020

Join us on 6 September at 11am (GMT) to hear from Peter Caplehorn, Chief Executive at the Construction Products Association.

Peter will join Richard Waterhouse, Chief Strategy Officer at NBS, to discuss the emerging requirements for product safety and competencies that construction product manufacturers and suppliers must embrace.
29 September 2020

On 29 September, at 11 am (BST) we'll be discussing 'Why CPD should be part of your marketing strategy'.

Joni Tyler, Head of RIBA CPD and Robin Cordy, NBS Marketing Director, will discuss the range of benefits of providing CPD to specifiers. From increasing brand awareness to getting your products in front of your target audience and positioning your brand as experts in your sector of manufacturing. 

13 October 2020
Join us for our online event, The Construction Leaders' Summit: The Digital Future running over 13 and 14 October. We'll be sharing the latest on what's happening in the construction industry, as well as insights and practical advice from a range of government and industry experts, including an update from Dame Judith Hackitt. During the conference, we will explore the industry and regulatory drivers for change, aiding digital adoption and collaboration.
10 September 2020
Join our webinar that we’re hosting in association with our new partner the Finishes & Interiors Sector (FIS), to discuss whether greater collaboration during the construction project timeline is a pipedream or a reality. Our expert panel will feature representatives of all stages of the supply chain – and will look at a “typical” interiors project, from concept through to completion.
04 August 2020
Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS, Paul Swaddle, Head of Technical Solutions at NBS, and Tina Pringle, Director of Technical Information at NBS, will share the updated RIBA Plan of Work 2020, including any changes that directly impact construction product manufacturers.
16 July 2020
Sustainability is a high priority for specifiers today. At NBS, we are committed to helping both the specifiers but also manufacturers play their part in the vital transformation we need to undertake as an industry. During this webinar Lee Jones, our Head of Manufacturer Solutions, will look into how construction product manufacturers are affected by the demands of today and the future. Lizzie Young, Divisional Sustainability Advisor from Kingspan will discuss Kingspan's Planet passionate programme, and how they are making sustainable commitments as an international manufacturer.
01 July 2020

Join us for a live panel discussion focusing on the new marketing landscape and why construction product manufacturers must adapt their marketing strategies to stay competitive. Robin Cordy (Marketing Director at NBS) will chair the session, joined by a panel of industry experts to discuss aspects of the digital marketing mix and why an integrated digital marketing strategy and approach is so important, to achieve maximum exposure. 


07 July 2020
In this webinar we will take a deep dive into the findings of this year’s BIM Report, including the latest on the state and BIM and what’s changed since 2011. Stephen Hamil (Innovation Director at NBS) will be joined by Andy Boutle (Engagement Co-Lead at BIM Alliance) for a Q&A covering areas such as; the UK BIM Framework, international standards and UK guidance. Richard Waterhouse (Chief Strategy Officer at NBS) will explore the digitisation of BIM and the changes we anticipate in the next decade.
25 June 2020
In recent months construction product manufacturers have had to adapt and embrace digital technologies as a means to reach out to specifiers. Join Lee Jones (Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS) and Stephen Hamil (Innovation Director at NBS) as they explore current industry challenges and how digital adoption is imperative for success. We’ll look at how to structure and manage product information, how to deliver this digitally and how to best support those specifying your products. There will also be a live demo of NBS Source, our brand new construction product platform for specifiers and manufacturers.
02 July 2020
Join Paul Chatham (Director at Peregrine Bryant) and Charles Stirling (Technical Author at NBS) as they focus on conservation strategy; why it’s required on projects and the importance it brings to the built environment. During the session they will look at how conservation must be integrated into the specification at each stage of the project.
11 June 2020

A live panel discussion about the future of the construction industry post-COVID-19. Richard Waterhouse (Chief Strategy Officer, NBS) is joined by a panel of industry experts to discuss a range of topics, including:

  • What the industry will look like post-pandemic
  • How manufacturers and specifiers can work better together
  • The digital future of the industry and product data
  • The Golden Thread
16 June 2020
Join Mike Riley (Associate Architect at BDP) and Chris Vickers (Technical Specialist at NBS) as they explore the delivery of information exchanges in response to client requirements and best practice industry standards. During the session they will demonstrate how NBS can help to structure and classify technical content, and ensure consistent information can be delivered at each stage of a project.
09 June 2020
Join Jane Simpson (Managing Director at Jane Simpson Access) and Astrid Lund (Technical Content Team Lead at NBS) as they explore how inclusive design must be integrated into the specification as the project develops and how to deliver this through the project stages. They will demonstrate how the NBS software can be used to achieve an inclusive design. 
28 May 2020
Explore what the future could hold for construction product marketing. During the webinar they will look at the impact that COVID-19 has already had on construction manufacturing and how businesses have adapted by embracing digital technologies, allowing them to get ahead of the game.
30 April 2020
Join Chris Ashworth, Founder and Managing Director at Competitive Advantage Consultancy and Jane Hibbert, BIM Manager at NBS, as provide insight into the decision making unit within a construction project. This can help you to create a successful sales and marketing strategy, and you’ll find out how NBS can help you deliver it.


19 May 2020

Join Sarah Susman, Head of Technical Development at Scott Brownrigg Architects, and Roland Finch, Technical Author at NBS, for the fifth webinar of the Plan of Work 2020 series. The session will focus on the health and safety strategy and how to deliver this through the specification project stages.


12 May 2020

Join Patrick Crocock, Specification Lead at AHMM and Paul Swaddle Head of Technical Solutions at NBS for the fourth webinar of the Plan of Work 2020 series.They will focus on specification, including practical examples that can generate information exchanges required by the RIBA Plan of Work.

05 May 2020
During this webinar we will explore how a fire safety strategy must be integrated from the point at which a building project is identified and continue through to operational stage of a building, providing a ‘golden thread’ of information through the project timeline.
28 April 2020

Join Gary Clark, Principal at HOK, and Michele Lucarelli, Technical Content Quality Assurance Manager at NBS, as they demonstrate and share practical examples to ensure that sustainable outcomes can be achieved. During the session we will demonstrate how to use the RIBA Plan of Work 2020 as a guide to the delivery of sustainable buildings

20 April 2020
Join Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS, and Kaj Burival, VR Education Manager at Enscape, as they explore the world of Virtual Reality in the industry. Learn how VR can help the industry, as well as the history of visualisation in the architectural sector, from hand built models, renders and 3D printing to VR.
21 April 2020
Join Stephen Hamil, Innovation Director at NBS, and Dale Sinclair, Director of Technical Practice at AECOM, as they explore the RIBA Plan of Work 2020 – the definitive model for the design and construction process of buildings.  During the webinar they will give an introduction to the RIBA Plan of Work 2020, share industry feedback on the 2013 plan, as well as updates to the 2020 plan.
With the recent move to home working, the industry are relying on online resources to keep up to date on the latest information from the construction industry. Join Joni Tyler, Head of CPD RIBA, as she shares her knowledge and expertise on how to deliver your RIBA approved CPD remotely. 
It’s essential you understand what 'the Golden Thread of information' is and how you can do this in practice. As the pressure is on for the construction industry to provide this for each built environment.
Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions and Robin Cordy, Marketing Director, will be hosting our next webinar, discussing key takeaways from the Construction Product Leaders' Summit including making the construction industry safer, collaboration and changing culture, the power of digital, the Golden Thread, and much more.
Immerse yourself in all things CPD and learn how you can open doors with architects, specifiers and other construction industry professionals. Realise the benefits of a subscription and how it can help you share knowledge and expertise with the people that use your products.
Together with ContentCal this webinar will teach you how to build effective content strategies and measure them. We will be sharing strategies and free tools to help you with marketing plans as well as looking into how technical content can help you stand out from competitors and win more orders.
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