31 August 2021

So far this year we’ve hosted a number of webinars covering a wide range of industry topics for construction product manufacturers. Here’s just five of 2021’s most popular webinars.

1. Marketing Masterclass: How to win with social media 

NBS’ Marketing Director Robin Cordy hosts a live panel discussion with social marketing experts about how to win with social media, using their knowledge and experience of building and executing social strategies and activities. The webinar is full of advice, practical tips and guidance that you can take away and apply to your company’s social strategy.

2. How the NBS and Glenigan partnership helps manufacturers 

The combination of specification and product information from NBS, with project data from Glenigan, offers a powerful set of insights that can help you to improve the targeting of your products and generate more leads. Join Dr Stephen Hamil from NBS and Anne-Marie Rawlins from Glenigan to find out what this means for manufacturers.

3. Marketing Masterclass: Optimising your lead generation

With a fluctuating marketplace and the rapid growth of digital marketing, manufacturers need to optimise their approach to lead generation to stay competitive. Robin Cordy, and a panel of lead-gen experts, cover topics including where manufacturers should focus, how lead-gen should support the overall business and how to measure success.

4. Marketing Masterclass: Raising brand awareness with RIBA CPD 

Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS is joined by a panel of industry experts including the Head of RIBA CPD Joni Tyler, to share insights on how to create engaging CPD material. They discuss ways to promote your CPD to your target audience and how you can use it to raise awareness of your brand and products.

5. Collaborative specification writing 

Join Dr Stephen Hamil and Lee Jones from NBS for this webinar, as they showcase how NBS can help specifiers and manufacturers respond to industry demands. You'll also find out how leading manufacturers Access 360 and PPG Architectural Coatings are making it work for their businesses, to ensure best practice and suitable design.

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