As with many other industry sectors, construction is undergoing a period of rapid growth and evolution. Advances in technology bring new products to the marketplace every week, and the march of digital transformation is changing processes and working methods everywhere.

For manufacturers, it’s vital that their products are seen by the people who matter – specifiers. Gripsure, Europe’s largest manufacturer of non-slip decking, uses NBS Source to increase the reach and visibility of its innovative products.


The market for decking has been increasing year on year, with PR Newswire predicting a period of growth that will extend until at least 2022.

With over 30 years of experience, Gripsure is set to capitalise on that growth. Specialising in manufacturing and supplying non-slip timber decking, Gripsure offers a wide range of products that ensure the user is safe in any weather. Gripsure’s client list is as extensive as its product portfolio, having provided a canopy walkway and a rope bridge for the Eden Project, decking for Center Parcs Longleat Forest, and the Rising Path at Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

It’s been a busy year for Gripsure. Updated fire regulations have seen increased demand for Gripsure’s non-combustible SHERA decking range, while the desire for sustainable products is driving popularity for carbon-neutral bamboo.

The Eden Project, Cornwall

New platform, new strategy

No two projects are exactly alike. Longevity, accessibility, sustainability and fire ratings are just some of the requirements that may need to be met on any given job. Gripsure works closely with specifiers to ensure that it supplies the right products for the task.

Previously, Gripsure connected with those specifiers by relying on a business development manager to make cold calls – a process that was time-consuming and inefficient. After moving to NBS Source, Gripsure has been able to extend its visibility and reach. NBS Source’s active user-base makes it a lot easier for specifiers to find and engage with Gripsure. Once they’ve made contact, they’re able to discuss their projects, allowing Gripsure to support them and suggest solutions to meet specific design criteria or overcome project challenges.

NBS makes this support element intuitive and streamlined. With more and more people working remotely, specifiers don’t need to be in the office to access the information they need; NBS Source is accessible ‘in the cloud’, meaning that specifiers can browse Gripsure’s products anywhere, on any device, day or night.

The Eden Project, Cornwall

Proactive specifying 

One of the benefits of adopting NBS Source is that specifiers have been finding – and specifying – Gripsure’s products without needing any prior discussion. This has helped bolster Gripsure’s reputation with specifiers who were previously unfamiliar with Gripsure products, because the enhanced product information available through Source fosters trust.

NBS Source directly links with NBS Chorus, the next-generation specification writing platform. This increases the potential for new business even further – as Tom Anderson, Head of Sales, at Gripsure said, “This will lead to more specifications as the new software makes it much more user-friendly.”

Tom was also positive about the experience of working with NBS.

”The NBS team are helpful, and want their partners to succeed. For construction product manufacturers like us, NBS makes our products visible to a highly targeted audience From product listings, and literature to social media posts, the exposure NBS gives us is great to get the word out about our innovative products.”

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