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Knowledge Case studies


NBS Source New Plans and Features My Account Book a demo Sign in to NBS Source CPD Providers Network CPD Forum CPD Roadshows


Knowledge Case studies

NBS Source

Powerful product data, unique insights. Now live!

Place your products directly in front of the people that matter, at the exact time product decisions are made.



Hundreds of thousands of products are specified through NBS every year. NBS Source, backed by the RIBA, is our new platform designed to give specifiers everything they need to find, select and specify manufacturer products.

Our ambition is for NBS Source to be the ultimate digital platform of construction product information, by providing a complete set of extensive, high-quality product data, structured to industry standards, including all relevant performance criteria and certifications. 

RIBA Product Selector, NBS BIM Library and NBS Plus have all become part of NBS Source, creating one digital platform for construction product information – with new enhanced data that specifiers are looking for. 

For manufacturers, NBS Source is a unified digital platform that exposes your products to specifiers with the right information, whilst helping you respond to the industry calls for transparency and standardisation in product data.

Unlike any other product platform, your product data in NBS Source is integrated directly into our specification tool, NBS Chorus, and into design tools including Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft Archicad. This means your products can be found by specifiers as they are working on their projects, rather than them having to trawl through websites or print catalogues.



Currently, about £60bn of construction projects are specified annually in the UK*, but the industry has struggled with how best to manage manufacturers' product information. Architects, engineers, and specifiers need to select products to be used on their projects, but according to NBS/CPA research, over half of them say it is much harder than it should be.

For manufacturers, the aim is to get their products specified, but routes to market and establishing relationships with decision makers are confusing, meaning marketing budgets can be wasted on untargeted activity.

NBS has developed NBS Source as a solution to both these problems, by creating a single digital source of construction product information in a standardised format.

The platform allows specifiers to FIND and browse products and manufacturers using intuitive search, SELECT and compare products using structured properties, values and technical information, and SPECIFY products directly into their project specification, 3D model or both, via full integration with NBS Chorus and Autodesk Revit. 


  • Meet the industry drive for high-quality product data.
  • Market your products more effectively, more digitally, more accurately.

  • Grow your business and win more orders through increased exposure – over 4000 companies and 300 000 users use NBS for their specs, from small firms to global giants.

  • Work directly with the specifier – through NBS Source, manufacturers can be invited by specifiers into NBS Chorus to collaborate directly on a specification. Make sure your products are specified correctly and get full visibility of the spec.

  • NBS is backed by the RIBA, a trusted name in the industry for many years which carries a great deal of credibility. NBS Source incorporates all the quality and legacy of RIBA Product Selector.

  • List your products in NBS Source and you’ll become an NBS Source partner. This gives you the endorsement of a trusted industry name and exclusive access to NBS expertise.
  •  NBS is designed to make it easy to create, store and manage manufacturers’ product information, meaning there’s no more manual entry and no more Word documents. Get up and running fast, easily update in bulk and publish in a few clicks. With NBS Source, you can manage your product data in a way that suits you.
  • Want extra exposure to architects? Through NBS you can also become part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, allowing you to deliver RIBA-accredited CPD about your products in person or online – giving you exposure to specifiers even outside of their projects.
  • Plan your operations better through unique insights – in NBS Source you will be able to access unique information about your product trends, industries and practices, which helps you to make better decisions about your products.

If you'd like to find out more and explore the platform, book a demo of NBS Source.





For any construction manufacturer looking to expand their digital marketing channels and grow their business.

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For construction manufacturers who want to improve compliance, increase their exposure and get their products added directly to project specifications.

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Construction manufacturers who want to drive significant growth and expose their products at all stages of the project, in the UK and Globally.

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"No one can be in any doubt that the changes to the regulatory regime are coming and it is time to get ready".

Dame Judith Hackitt
* Figure based on 2018 National Average construction project values