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Knowledge Case studies

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How long is the construction timeline?

A length of a construction timeline varies from project to project, but what each project has in common is the stages in the process. From the initial brief to research, modelling, and specification and beyond, the timeline follows a structure set out by the RIBA Plan of Work.

What are the stages of the RIBA Plan of Work?

The RIBA Plan of Work segments and organises the construction timeline into eight simplified stages; (0) Strategic Definition, (1) Preparation and Brief, (2) Concept Design, (3) Developed Design, (4) Technical Design, (5) Construction, (6) Handover and Close Out, (7) In use. Each NBS Product is tailored to provide manufacturer information to architects, in the right format, for the appropriate stage of the timeline. Download our comprehensive guide.

Product information

How do I know which product will work best for me?

NBS products work best together. Each tool in the NBS Manufacturer platform is used by Architects, Specifiers, Engineers and Designers at different stages of the construction timeline. Get listed with RIBA Product Selector set up a face to face meeting or factory tour with RIBA CPD Providers Network, digitise your products for Building Information Modelling (BIM), then make your products available for instant placement in the spec with NBS Plus. You can use any one of these products individually, but use them together – and you’ll be visible to specifiers across the entire project timeline.

I keep hearing about NBS Chorus, what is it?

NBS Chorus is a fully online specification platform for construction professionals, launched in 2019, it is the future of specification writing, connecting the model and specification across the entire life cycle of a building project. Over 4000 architectural practices are creating their specifications with NBS tools, that’s over 300,000 active users making specifying decisions for their projects. They are using the NBS National BIM library to source objects for their models, and they are picking their products from NBS Plus, all connected through NBS Chorus. 

Product support and information

Is there somewhere I can view analytics for the subscription I have?

Yes, please log in to your self-service My Account, click on 'Analytics' and you will be able to see how specifiers are interacting with your company and products.

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I’ve subscribed, how do I get my logos?

Once your products have been reviewed and approved by our team of specialists, you can download your logos from My Account.

How do I add or remove certificates on our listing

Please email with the title of the certificates to be removed and provide updated certificates to be uploaded, and we’ll do this for you.

How do I advise you that our company has presented our CPD to a practice?

You can log your upcoming CPD events via My Account, and click on 'Register of CPD Events'.

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