The construction product marketplace is crowded, and new items are becoming available every week. This creates challenges for specifiers looking for the ideal products, and for manufacturers striving to ensure that its products are reaching the right people.

NBS Source is making these processes easier and more intuitive for all concerned. Oscar Acoustics, a manufacturer of environmentally-friendly architectural acoustic finishes uses NBS Source to increase the visibility of its products.

Noise pollution is steadily increasing, and its adverse health impacts are also on the rise. More than 18% of people in the UK are estimated to have been exposed to harmful noise levels. It’s one of the reasons that effective noise control in buildings is high on the list of demands in many construction projects.

Oscar Acoustics have specialised in this area for over 40 years. Founded in 1978, they offer a vast range of products and solutions for the control and reduction of noise. These range from residential soundproofing solutions with minimum ceiling height loss, to the exacting acoustic standards demanded by recording studios, right up to factories, auditoriums, stadiums and more.

Increasing awareness

For Oscar Acoustics, such a wide range of clients and applications translates into an equally extensive and diverse product line. These products might be installed at any stage of construction. Acoustic masonry building blocks are likely to form part of a building’s core infrastructure, whilst acoustic plaster or spray-based solutions might be deployed in the final stages of a project, or even after completion if a need for noise reduction presents itself.

With more and more designers and architects incorporating noise reduction elements in their specifications, it’s important that Oscar Acoustics ensures that its product range reaches the right eyes. As well as the acoustic profiles of the materials and products, specifiers also need to ensure that the other demands of the project are met; fire ratings, aesthetics and environmental impact will all play a part.

Left: SonaSpray fcx - Hard Rock Hotel. Scott Brownrigg     //     Right: SonaSpray K-13 - Investec offices. TP Bennett & BW Workplace Experts


The NBS Source advantage

Oscar Acoustics joined NBS over 12 years ago to ensure that its products were easy to find and specify, and it was one of the first manufacturers to enhance its product listings on NBS Source which launched April 2020. As the name suggests, the NBS Source platform is a single source that brings together the NBS BIM Library, Product Selector, and NBS Plus.

NBS Source is used globally, allowing construction professionals to streamline their project workflows with enhanced levels of product data in a consistent, structured format. That rigorously detailed data allows specifiers to accurately assess the performance criteria, certifications and the properties of products listed on NBS Source.

For Oscar Acoustics, NBS Source is invaluable, allowing them to clearly articulate the advantages of its products to an expanding audience. Oscar Acoustics has spent years building and benefitting from its close relationship with architects and designers, and it anticipates extending its exposure even further with NBS Source.

A sound future with NBS

Ben Hancock, Managing Director at Oscar Acoustics sees the opportunities that NBS Source offers. “With the new NBS Source platform, we are hoping to achieve even more exposure with architects and designers for our company and class-leading products. We like that it asks many more technical questions, leaving less scope for product substitution to other products that are not up to the same standard. 

“Now that it combines our digital (BIM) objects with our specification data and embeds fire and environmental classifications into the product data, it gives us the chance to answer more questions for architects that we feel are very important.” 

NBS Source brings new levels of quality, intelligence and intuition to the specification process. For manufacturers and specifiers alike, NBS Source ensures that detailed information is readily available about the products that are used in construction projects, improving efficiency and saving time and money.


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Oscar Elite - One Mabledon Place. Contractor: Integra Contracts / ISG. Project Architect: Steffian Bradley Architects. Photographer: Gary Britton Photography

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