Johnstone's Trade provide bespoke specifications for specifiers and trade decorators who demand the best-quality products and support. Through its relationship with NBS, Johnstone’s Trade and its products are in front of the right people at every stage of a project, from brief and concept to build, handover and maintenance. And by being part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network has offered Johnstone’s Trade the opportunity to build relationships with specifiers, create brand awareness and share knowledge, while delivering seminars or online learning. 
Johnstone's Trade BIM object on the NBS National BIM Library 

In a report that they created, the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) found that ‘typically, architects have duplicated older paint specification into new projects to save time. Leading to issues with outdated and unsuitable products being used’.'

Since working with NBS and introducing the office standard, Johnstone’s architects and designers have seen the benefits of being able to create tailored, accurate and quick coatings specifications for any project. Johnstone’s products can be seamlessly integrated into NBS specification software, allowing architects and designers to create comprehensive paint specifications more quickly and efficiently. Product catalogues, technical documents, images, certificates, case studies and company details are available on NBS Source (previously Product Selector*). Johnstone’s Trade’s BIM objects and NBS Plus specifications can also be found on NBS Source, making it the most comprehensive product information supplier for specifiers. 

Johnstone's Trade Satin finish specification in NBS Create specification software

Johnstone’s has committed to hosting 100 digital objects on the NBS National BIM Library, offering certified protective and decorative paints to meet any project requirement. Specifically built for digital objects, NBS Specification platform is the perfect writing tool for architects to collate their data in order to create robust specifications. Johnstone’s specifications are included in the NBS specification platform, allowing architects to export a specification from digital objects through the NBS Plug-in for Autodesk Revit. At Johnstone’s, we understand that there is a need for collaborative design work, and NBS has the perfect software for clients to incorporate Johnstone’s products for specification purposes. Driven by 3D/ 4D visual representations, NBS software provides a list of pre-written clauses, which can be selected or removed to tailor the specification.

According to NBS’ ‘What specifiers Want 2017’ report , 70% of those surveyed agreed that specifications work best when manufacturers are involved early on. Manufacturers have the knowledge to support specifiers by providing the information that they need in a digestible and functional format for each stage of the project. 

Johnstone’s Trade’s M60 office standard is available to download on the website  and can be downloaded in three different formats, including a .stdspec file that can be imported straight into the NBS specification software.

Wolfreton School project using Johnstone's Trade products

NBS has worked closely with Johnstone’s over the years to provide clear and detailed knowledge of their service and how it can be used at best practice. They have been the driver in the success of securing multiple projects and providing Johnstone’s clients with a sufficient way of managing the constant challenges of information, and meeting construction industry legislation.

Paul Jacob of ECE Architecture talks about how NBS has helped them to manage a project with the Wren School in Reading:

‘At ECE Architecture we are constantly looking at how we can work more closely with manufacturer’s to help our clients to help us. NBS allows us to link between Autodesk Revit and NBS Create to simplify the process of creating robust project specifications for any type of project. Whilst working on the new build of the ‘Wren School’ we experienced updates in product information and data as the project moved along. By having constant accessibility to the NBS Building Software, and one single model, we could create a bespoke specification that adhered to the client’s needs. ECE Architecture have spent time developing a highly-effective workflow to create high-quality specifications that save us time and improve our projects from start to finish. Working closely with Johnstone’s Trade on the Wren project, we incorporated their BIM objects from the National BIM Library into our specification. The process was easy and highly efficient. We will continue to use NBS in our future projects and look forward to seeing upcoming technological advances in design and construction’. 

The last decade has seen a revolutionary change with digital technology in the construction industry. As a result, specifications are more important than ever before.

*Product Selector has now been superseded by NBS Source.

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