Access 360 is a division of Tyman plc, comprising Bilco UK, Profab Access and Howe Green. It provides a total manufacturing solution for roof, ceiling, wall and floor access products – both fire-rated and non‐fire-rated – to the construction industry. Those products and technical data can be found on NBS Source

Access 360 works closely with specifiers to support the initial design and specification stages through the supply of technical documentation, digital (BIM) object models and complete specification clauses. By also working in conjunction with clients to handle the technical drawings and full manufacturing design elements from the initial stages of a project through to delivery, all necessary information is provided in the clearest and most accessible format possible.

As part of a recent webinar on Collaborative Specification Writing, Access 360’s Divisional Specification Manager, Christian Baker‐Smith, explained how the three businesses are benefitting from NBS platforms, namely manufacturer product platform NBS Source and cloud‐based specification platform NBS Chorus.

“NBS Source offers Access 360 a readily available source of technical data for our customers. When coupled with NBS Chorus, we can provide architects and specifiers with a complete suite of technical information to help them specify their projects”, Christian said.

Each of the three divisional companies can create specification documents using NBS Chorus and track each project independently. When working with an architect that is specifying access solutions from one or more of its brands, Chorus enables Access 360 to compile this into a single project pack for the architect in the format they require.

"As Chorus enables us to easily access our projects and subsequent clauses, it makes updating specifications extremely quick and easy.”

Another benefit of Chorus is the level of consistency it provides. Christian continued:

“Before using NBS Chorus, documentation may not have been updated, leading to a risk of incorrect data being issued. This required a significant amount of time to check standard documents. The format of the documents would also look different, depending on which of the business divisions created it. Now, NBS Chorus has removed the requirement to review and update our clauses, as this happens automatically within the software and allows us to present documents to the marketplace in a uniform format, which is really important.”

For every new product launch or upgrade which changed performance of existing products, it would require a significant amount of work to set up the documentation. However, with Chorus, Christian says that writing specification documents is significantly easier, as all products are easily located under the Uniclass reference on NBS Source and within NBS Chorus.

We used to have a review period every quarter to check that all the documentation was correct and check everyone’s laptops were up to date. Using NBS Chorus has led to a considerable cost saving for the business in this area as we know that we can totally rely on Chorus to be up to date with the latest information our clients require."

Christian also highlighted the feature in Chorus Revisions as an additional factor for boosting Access 360’s efficiency:

“It’s much easier to make revisions on Chorus. Previously, you could easily lose a specification set when a client changed something, whereas all of the information is now held on a centralised system, which makes it quick and easy to update. I can’t stress enough how great of a benefit NBS Chorus has been to the business."

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