Ambar Kelly details and manufactures RiserSafe, a solution to the risks that riser shafts present when constructing multi-storey buildings.

As no two construction projects are the same, each RiserSafe unit is manufactured and detailed in a bespoke fashion to meet the specific requirements of the project that it is specified for. This is so that the dimensions of the building’s floor opening can be most effectively covered. 

The product is a steel-framed unit with a steel Durbar floor plate pre-cut, with the service penetrations and cover plates fixed at the factory. It is delivered to site and cast into the structural frame, providing a complete modular riser steel flooring solution that works with all frame types.

A unique solution for a unique product

Ambar Kelly’s Director, Nick Atkinson, said that it can be difficult for Ambar Kelly to reach specifiers in the right place. The NBS team helped to address this problem by consulting with Ambar Kelly on how best to present RiserSafe on our manufacturer product platform NBS Source

“We’ve not had much luck with product platforms in the past”, he said.

"Due to RiserSafe being such a unique product, it doesn’t neatly fit into a category or classification. This was a problem for us, as we wanted to be listed on NBS platforms yet there was no place for us. NBS listened to my concerns and took a flexible and collaborative approach."

“They worked with multiple teams across the business to create a brand-new category and classification for RiserSafe – in both Uniclass 2015 and CAWS – on NBS Source.”

This solution has helped Ambar Kelly to list its product accurately and in a way which helps specifiers to understand how RiserSafe should be used in their projects. Once found on NBS Source, the product can then be specified in our cloud-based specification writing platform NBS Chorus

“That’s a key reason that we’ve listed RiserSafe on NBS Source”, Nick said.

“It allows us to get in front of designers and specifiers at the initial stages of a construction project.” 

Educating the industry

As an additional way to educate specifiers about the benefits of RiserSafe, Ambar Kelly has also joined the RIBA CPD Providers Network. 

The network gives manufacturers the opportunity to engage directly with specifiers while educating them about their products, and offers a range of other benefits, including accreditation from RIBA, which provides manufacturers with an additional level of credibility from a highly respected industry body. 

“We've joined the RIBA CPD Providers Network to raise awareness of the value of detailing modular riser steel flooring and how it's fundamental to avoid risks in design”, Nick said. 

Ambar Kelly has launched its RIBA accredited CPD presentation, ‘Falls, Fire Cost & Time: How to Avoid Failure’. Suitable for all disciplines within the industry – from architects to main contractors and project managers – the presentation provides an overview of riser shafts and the challenges they pose.

It highlights the design considerations which should be adopted to ensure risk is eliminated at a project’s earliest stages and provides an in-depth insight into current testing and regulations. The CPD’s concluding thought is one of simplicity; stressing the importance of eliminating risk through informed, efficient design undertaken from a building’s very inception.

"When we initially submitted our CPD content to the RIBA for approval, we were surprised at the level of depth of the review, which made us consider details that we previously had not and that has made the content so much more valuable for our audience."

The RIBA accreditation is one of the network’s key benefits according to Nick, as Ambar Kelly has seen a surge in bookings since being included in the RIBA CPD Showcase

“The material has been very well-received and many of the people that attend the webinars said that they had wished they'd known about us before!”

“I would encourage any business considering joining the RIBA CPD Providers Network to do it. The assessment process will give your audience the confidence that your CPD is worth viewing – they'll know that it’s credible, educational and not just a sales pitch.” 

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