At NBS, we believe that the construction industry has a major role to play in tackling the global climate change emergency. We're committed to helping our customers design and build a more sustainable built environment whilst setting our own sustainability targets to contribute to a greener future for all. As part of our mission, we've created this webinar series which aims to address a variety of issues that the construction industry faces and some of the solutions for a more sustainable built environment.

Episode 1: How to become a sustainable business

In this first episode, Lee Jones, NBS’ Head of Manufacturer Solutions will explore the sustainability journey for businesses in the construction industry. This session will discuss how to become a sustainable business and includes practical steps, lessons learned, and essential considerations for businesses. Lee will also cover some of NBS’ enhanced sustainability strategy, which includes offering practical, hands-on support to specifiers and manufacturers.

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Episode 2: Sustainable outcomes for the construction industry

In this second episode, Paul Swaddle, NBS' Head of Technical Solutions will discuss sustainability goals and quality specification in the face of the climate emergency. Paul will cover how sustainability is defined and measured, highlight NBS Chorus technical content with a focus on environmental performance, and consider how specification can help achieve sustainability for the long-term future of buildings and infrastructure.

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Episode 3: Marketing Masterclass: Sustainable Marketing

Lee Jones, NBS’ Head of Manufacturer Solutions, will be joined by a guest speaker from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in our third episode. The built environment is responsible for around 40% of all carbon emissions, whether you're working for an architectural practice, engineering firm, or product manufacturer, we all have a role to play. The session will cover how to raise awareness and proactively promote your sustainability activities and credentials and the CMA's new guidance and forthcoming regulations on sustainable marketing. This is a must view for anybody marketing in the construction sector.

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Episode 4: Delivering a sustainable water cycle

The water cycle is a critical part of future sustainable development goals. In the fourth episode of the sustainability mini-series, Paul Swaddle, NBS' Head of Technical Solutions, will explain why the climate emergency requires a better understanding of water sustainability and flood mitigation. The session will consider water usage at global, national, and local scales and explain how robust specification and product selection can manage and mitigate water issues.

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