NBS Plus is the only platform that places your products at the fingertips of decision makers at the exact moment of specification. Whether spec writers are using NBS Chorus, or any other NBS specification software, manufacturers’ products are being selected in real time using NBS Plus.


Your products embedded within the specification writing software

NBS Plus delivers manufacturers' product information directly into the specification tool. In this way, manufacturers can list products in the specification system, ready to be dropped straight into the project. Specifications are created during the later stages of design, to complement the model and cover every detail of what should go into the build; making sure they meet their clients’ requirements, fulfil design intent and ensure compliance.


Unique exposure in the place where product decisions are written

Specifiers are intuitively offered products relevant to the part of the project they are working on. When they click the ‘add to spec’ button your product is placed automatically, directly into the specification with all relevant details. This saves designers the pain of having to manually source manufacturers’ information, and gives them the confidence that the information they are using is accurate and well structured. Being in the spec is one of the best ways to reduce the chance of your products being substituted. 


NBS is the industry standard for specification

NBS is the preferred specification system for the construction industry, used by the majority of architectural and design practices in the UK and almost 100% of the AJ Top 100. More than 4,000 individual architectural practices and other companies already subscribe to our specification software, typically with more than one person using the NBS specification software within that practice.


NBS Chorus cloud platform helps reach a global audience

NBS Chorus is a fully online specification platform for construction that can be accessed anywhere, on any device (including Mac) and it enables users to develop specifications quickly and intuitively. As an NBS Plus manufacturer, your technical product information is included in NBS Chorus from launch, giving you additional exposure to a growing audience of specifiers.


Full integration to the BIM model

Uniquely, we enable designers to link their model to their specification, ensuring consistent product selection through the project workflow. NBS Chorus guidance links to the Construction Information Service for documents and standards, and the NBS National BIM Library for BIM objects.


Maximise your products’ visibility at every stage of the RIBA Plan of Work

NBS products work best together. Get listed with RIBA Product Selector. Set up a face to face meeting or factory tour with RIBA CPD Providers Network, digitise your products for Building Information Modelling (BIM). Maximise your visibility across all stages of the RIBA Plan of Work – then make your products available for instant placement in the spec with NBS Plus.


Get the exposure no other marketing channel can match