NBS National BIM Library enables construction professionals to locate, download and use BIM objects in their project work.


Your products into the model right at the start of a project

As a construction project progresses, a digital model will be developed, often with input from many people in the project team. The move to BIM has enabled designers to rapidly develop their digital models, and start adding products to their projects as the model develops. The NBS BIM library allows designers to access thousands of manufacturer products in BIM format, ready to be added straight to their model – either via the web or directly in their design tool.


The only BIM object library which links directly to the NBS specification

Your NBS National BIM Library objects will include references that link to NBS specifications, maximising your sales potential and reducing the risk of your products being substituted. NBS Chorus, our fully online specification platform, offers the most comprehensive, high-quality content available, with multiple content sets and natively supports the Uniclass 2015 classification essential for BIM projects. BIM objects are directly integrated into the UK’s recognised specification standard.


Industry-leading BIM library, trusted by users

The most trusted BIM Library, uniquely linked to the NBS Specification System. NBS will help to organise and structure your product data, and develop the 3D geometry to a recognised standard.


Highest quality content, certified to the NBS BIM Object Standard

Designers choose NBS for the high-quality BIM objects we provide and the trust that the objects won’t damage their models. All content on the National BIM Library is authored or certified to meet the NBS BIM Object Standard and will have high quality, relevant and valued information that matches your customers’ needs.


NBS Plug-in for Autodesk Revit® places your objects directly in the designers’ workflow

Free ‘plug-ins’ are available to designers, making it easy to select your BIM objects for their project. NBS Chorus, our fully online specification platform, enables you to develop your specification directly within the Autodesk Revit® environment, keeping information co-ordinated and creating a seamless link between your design and specification.


Convert your products to BIM objects using the NBS authoring service, our certification ad hosting service, or the NBS BIM Toolkit: